August 23 | 2017

Wilderness Ridge is full of rustic charm and its natural beauty makes decorating easy! Whether you accent with flowers or candelabras, up-lighting or string lighting, it doesn’t take much to create that ‘wow’ factor. If you are looking to stay with the rustic theme, Bialas Crafted is a great resource.

Adam Bialas, owner and creator of Bialas Crafted, is new to the wedding scene but has years of experience with rustic décor. He explained, “I specialize in rustic home décor and furniture. I can make almost anything you are looking for with salvaged rustic barn wood. I am offering a multitude of items for wedding and photo shoot rentals. Backdrops made from barn wood, old barn doors, galvanized tin, wooden gates or any other salvaged materials. Furniture to use as props for taking photos or to use at the reception, such as different styles of tables, benches, and chairs. Props to use in photos or decor at the reception, such as, old luggage and trunks, chalk boards, picture frames, wooden crates, wire baskets, and ladders.”

He continued, “I can also create custom items specifically for your wedding, such as, wooden last name or initials. If you have any ideas of items that you are looking for, for your wedding, contact me and I will let you know if it is possible to make.”

Salvaging items and turning them into décor is not exactly a major you pursue in college. So how does one get into this business? Adam said, “The phrase "a happy accident" is usually reserved for Bob Ross or when you talk about one of your children. In my case, it is the best way I can describe how I got my start in woodworking. I was working full time as a graphic designer when I decided I needed a hobby. I had a construction background, I took shop class in high school, and I've been making stuff out of wood since I was a kid. So, I borrowed some of my dad's tools and started to make stuff. Then when the opportunity to tear apart a barn that blew down next to my parents’ home arose, I dove in. I spent a weekend with the help of my parents and brother salvaging over half of the barn.”

The next step is to turn the salvaged items into beautiful repurposed pieces. Bialas explained, “After I had the salvaged lumber at my disposal, I started making stuff for myself and as gifts for people, all while posting the finished products on Facebook. This small exposure on Facebook made me realize that I was making stuff that people seemed to enjoy. The enjoyment people get when they see what I do motivates me. It makes the long hours and the late nights worth it. It is the driving force behind my woodworking. It inspires me to try new things and push myself further with my projects. It is what gave me the push I needed to start my own business. All this happened by accident, a happy accident.”

Adam now has a substantial fanbase on Facebook and Instagram where he shares pictures and behind-the-scenes footage of his projects. The process of creating a piece can be time consuming. Bialas walked me through the process saying, “Initially it starts with a lot of planning. Talking with the client and making sure that we are on the same page with the size and style of the piece. After that, we agree on a price and a timeline, and then I start building. A piece can take me from an hour to a few days to complete, all depending on how complex it is.”

The great thing about Bialas’ pieces, are that they are one of a kind! He said, “All of my items are made to order. This way every client gets exactly what they are looking for. You can also find my items at the many different craft shows that I do. I am based in Omaha, but I do craft shows all over Nebraska and the Midwest.”

When he isn’t working on a project, you can find Adam searching for wood, or items that might help him with future projects. He shared, “I get most of my salvaged wood from all over central Nebraska. I have salvaged barns, sheds, and houses. My dad also has a lot of good connections around my home town where I source a large percentage of it. Most of the items that I repurpose, I buy from auctions, estate sales, and garage sales. I'm a huge sucker for sales.”

While Bialas has created hundreds of pieces, he is partial to projects that involve re-inventing furniture. He explained, “My favorite pieces to make are furniture pieces that I create using items you wouldn’t expect to be repurposed into something functional. A couple of my favorites are when I turned an old metal work bench into a liquor cabinet or a set of lockers into a storage bench.”

He continued, “My favorite part of my job is that I get to use materials for projects that other people have deemed unusable and were destined for the landfill or to be burned. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to save a part of history that was so vital to building this country and I get to make it into things that people will be able to enjoy for years to come.”

Bialas would love to help incorporate your family history into your wedding day. Whether it is a sign with your new initial or repurposed barn doors to use as your ceremony back drop, Adam is the person to call! To see more of his work, visit his Facebook page or website.

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Jordyn Daubman

Social Sales Manager


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