REAL WEDDING - Mr. and Mrs. Acton {08.06.17}

REAL WEDDING - Mr. and Mrs. Acton {08.06.17}

December 11 | 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we reflect on the memories that made the past year special. We celebrated graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, holidays, and of course, weddings. Today, we reminisce on a beautiful August day that unified two families as one.

{At First Sight} “When I was a junior in high school, my family and I drove to Colorado for a friend’s graduation. The night before the ceremony the school hosted a talent show, and it was there that Alex came up and introduced himself. It was clear immediately that we had chemistry, but he lived in Colorado and I lived in Nebraska. I dismissed it and didn’t think anything would really come of it.

As luck would have it, Alex and I ended up attending the same college in Lincoln, Nebraska. During the first few years we would sporadically cross paths. Although we both dated other people, any time we saw each other was a blast. We both ended up having classes together over the years, and made it a point to work together when the opportunity arose. Little did I know, we were creating the foundation to fall in love and become best friends for life.

Alex went on to graduate and I continued with my studies. During my final semester, I began an internship in Kansas City. Coincidentally, Alex had accepted a job offer there around the same time. A handful of mutual friends came down from Lincoln one weekend to visit shortly after I moved. Neither of us had seen each other since we moved to Kansas City, and from that night on we began to rekindle our friendship.

The butterflies began when we started texting every day for hours upon hours. Texting turned into coffee dates, which turned into hour long conversations, which turned into real dates, and then back to coffee dates! We both love coffee! It didn’t take long before we were together every chance we had, and he quickly became my best friend. Each day we hung out was like an adventure. I could not get enough of his goofy personality and how funny he was! It was weird but also comforting that we just seemed to click so well. I can honestly say that interning in Kansas City was the best decision I ever made, because it lead me back to Alex. It literally makes me smile every time I think about my time there.”

{The Proposal} “By my 2nd year of grad school, the coursework was really taking its toll. As desperate as I was to make it home to visit my family in Nebraska, it just didn’t seem like an option. But in early November I was able to arrange plans with my mom to fly home and surprise my dad for his birthday. It was perfect, I had a slight gap before finals and hadn’t seen my family in months. I invited Alex to come with, but his work and school schedule just didn’t allow him to make it. I had no idea that Alex had actually coordinated the entire weekend with my parents and best friends!

That Friday afternoon, my mom picked me up from the airport. We had our typical homecoming date: coffee, lunch, and a manicure. During all this we discussed how we were going to surprise my dad that I was home. My younger sister came home from class and we got dressed and ready early before dad was home from work. It was perfect, we made a plan to run downtown to a cute bakery and pick up a cake for dad’s party and then all meet at a restaurant for dinner. During the drive down my sister started acting funny and nervous, but I shrugged it off and thought she was just worried dad was on to our plan to surprise him.

We finally found a parking spot and started the trek to the bakery. Suddenly, a close friend of mine popped out of an alley we were walking by. I was so caught off guard, how did he know I was in town and what were all these balloons?! He passed me a handful of balloons, and at the bottom string of each balloon was a picture of Alex and I. I looked at the first picture and immediately began crying. Through teary eyes I looked at each picture. At the bottom of each, Alex’s handwriting whispered a reason why he loved me. Right away I knew something was up, but was THIS really happening right now?! It was like a dream.

We continued our walk through downtown and I realized there was a trail of balloons. Some were attached to light poles, others were held by my very own friends. Even complete strangers were handing me balloons! I remember feeling so incredibly adored by Alex, and also like I was a part of the movie Up. There were SO many balloons, which was perfect… I LOVE balloons!

The last balloon read: “I love that I get to spend the rest of my life with you.” As I looked up from reading it, I rounded a corner to find Alex standing right before me with a sign that said, “marry me?” My legs almost gave out. Never in my life have I felt so special or so excited!”

{Why Wilderness Ridge} “We both really loved the look of the ballroom, and the fact it was on a golf course too. The food is pretty amazing as well!

{Memorable Moments} Shannon - "My most favorite moment was when I first walked into the ballroom, before all the guests arrived for the reception, and saw the room all set up. There was just so much planning and preparation that went into the wedding, that it felt so good to walk in and see all the plans right in front of me. The ballroom looked beautiful! Secondly, it was fun to escape the wedding for a few minutes into the reception to go and take pictures with Alex on the golf course. We weren't nervous anymore, and just went out there and had a good time taking some pictures. Also, dancing, the dancing was so fun! Our DJ did a really great job."

Alex - "Two things in particular really stood out on our wedding day. Easily, my favorite moment on our wedding day was watching my beautiful wife walk down the aisle. It was exactly how I pictured it in my head, and I was just dumbfounded by how gorgeous she looked. Another favorite moment was getting a basketball game together early in the morning with all of my boys. I am blessed to have such a tight group of friends and running around and bricking shots up and down the court could not have been more fun." 

{First Look} “We did the first look at sunken gardens. It was back in the wooded area where all the tall trees were. Alex was there waiting for me, and my sister walked me to him. It was perfect.”

{Picture Perfect} “Our favorite pictures of the day were any of the ones we took for our first look, and the pictures that we took on the golf course. Alex is a huge golf lover, therefore the ones on the course were a must - and they just turned out great!”

{Something Blue} “Old - my mother in law gifted me her mother's engagement ring, so I wore that on the ring finger on my right hand. New - my wedding dress. Borrowed - my sister’s earrings. Blue - baby blue madden girl heels.”

{Honeymooners} “We went to Ireland! It was a place where we have both never been, and one that we have always talked about wanting to visit. As we both live in Florida, we feel the tropical weather all the time, so we figured why not travel to Ireland for the start of our adventure together.”

{Fun Facts} “We had a mariachi band! Which was amazing! We also had iced coffee to go with our (confetti!) cake. Those were the most unique/special touches we wanted to add, since the mariachis go with my heritage (I'm half Mexican), and we both just love iced coffee from The Mill (reminds us of our college study days)!”

{Vendors} | {Floral Pieces/Event Design} Petals to Platinum | {Centerpieces} Family friend | {Cake} Butterfly Bakery | {Iced Coffee} The Mill | {DJ} Amplified Studios | {Photography} The Leekers’ Photography | {Videographer} Nick Goodwin with Buenavictoria | {Bridal Gown} Blush Bridal Boutique | {Tuxes} Joseph A. Banks | {Bridesmaids Dresses} BHLDN

Congratulations to Alex and Shannon! Thank you for choosing Wilderness Ridge. We look forward to celebrating many more occasions with our Wilderness Ridge friends in 2018. Call 402.434.5118 to book your wedding, anniversary, holiday party, or special event. Happy Holidays and cheers to a new year!


Jordyn Daubman

Director of Sales and Marketing


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